The Shelter Stories

This series was done as part of the #ShelterStories for the 2021 Calendar project. The calendar models and their stories are the beating heart of Blue Cross of India, an animal welfare organisation based in Chennai. They were created using watercolours and the illustrations were used for the 12 months of the year.

Through the Lens

This set of paintings is a collaboration with the curator of my solo exhibition ‘A Soldier of Hope’,  Anisha Palat: the animals rendered are based on photographs taken by the curator. Each animal has a word assigned to it; these words reflect qualities the artist perceived on viewing the photographs.

Soldier of Hope

Literature Series

A series of pen, ink and charcoal drawings on old printed pages of the book The Art of Remaking Men by Paul Campbell is largely inspired by the content on each page and certain words that stood out to me. The series has 55 pieces, one on each page of the book.

My One (and only)

My One is an anagram for the word money.  This series deals with the various aspects of money.

‘Greed’ is about the blinding selfishness and desire overtaking one’s own principles.
Money can have the power to control you, and put you In A Fix’.
‘Tonight’s Meal’ – What if the value we give to money did not exist? Can you eat the piece of paper at the end of the day?
‘POP! and it’s gone!’– You can lose money in a matter of seconds, just as you earn it. Nothing is permanent, like a bubble. This work also looks at the nature of children reaching for bubbles rather than the notes.
‘Black Money’ was a coincidence. It was the result of trying to photocopy a composition of notes containing a note which is in current circulation. When it detected it and came out blackened, I immediately thought of using it as part of the series, showing the other aspect – unaccounted/black money.

Chettinad Series

Works inspired by a trip to my native Chettinad, in the scorching summer heat.

Golden Drops

No matter what, hard work, co-operation and teamwork always pays off. Bees are the perfect embodiments of these characteristics. Honeybees can sense the magnetic field of the earth, meaning they can fly several kilometres  from their hive and find  their way back home – which is how I connected to them. Man always has to have something to look forward to, hence the focus on the result of their effort – the three dimensional golden drops of honey.

Golden Drops I, II, III, mixed media on canvas, 30 x 90 inches (together), 2014.

The Stranger

There are times when someone seems out of character – very unlike themselves – that’s when the ‘stranger’ within them comes out. Having noticed this second nature in people unconsciously, I took a closer look at it after listening to singer-songwriter Billy Joel’s ‘The Stranger’, who has put it across very aptly. 

Studying the behaviour and expressions of a varied number of people has made me realize that is it not necessarily negative, though that is what most people tend to hide from society. It is close to impossible to explain why people react unrecognisably or abnormally, as human nature is complex and multi-layered.